Anna Peter
So far one of the best in Mumbai. Thanks.
Poonam Vijay
Liked the taste of the coffee, it was perfect.
Iyengar's coffee - Awesome and authentic in taste. To start the day with Iyengar's coffee, what else do you want!
Anil George
Absolutely Great idea to send it right to your house fresh and hot.
Sonali Nimkar
It was the fragrance of strong authentic filter coffee which was enough to make me feel rejuvenated, the taste was a BONUS. And a relief from all the Starbuckers and Instant coffee powders.
CHN K Dhaveji
About 20 years ago I was exposed to the sugary diluted milk with a faint coffee aroma as a coffee and promptly gave up drinking coffee. Iyengar's 'Kaapi' brings back the memories of a true South Indian Coffee, both aroma and taste. Worth marketing at IT/BPO locations since most there are coffee drinkers. The large South Indian population will take to Iyengar's coffee like ducks to water.
Michelle Dsouza
Filter coffee is generally sweet - loved the fact that this wasn't as sweet and still so perfect.
Smita Manoj
Thank you so much for giving us the privilege. Coffee tastes perfect. Best thing coffee tasted like coffee. Packing was superb. Came hot. We all loved it. Best wishes to you and your team.
Parul Shah
It's an absolutely enterprising and welcomed idea. Looking forward to enjoying my favorite Kaapi more often in the comfort of my home. Good luck to the team.
As soon as I opened the flask which was sealed, the wonderful aroma of Kaapi filled my room. I could not wait to drink it. IYENGAR's Kaapi was the perfect South Indian filter coffee. The coffee was hot and was delivered in the said time. Thank you for bringing this flavor to our home. The taste of South India.
Sangeeta Nayak
Amazing coffee! So refreshing! Please jot down my name as a prime customer. I wish you all the best. This will definitely succeed. No 2 opinions about it. (Oh wow! Consumer-oriented service.)
Gayatri Ruia
Coffee is superb 👍🏼👌🏼 loved the mellow yet deep notes; Actually quite exceptional and better than most kaapi I've tasted.
Love at first sip...

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