Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

How is IYENGAR’S Kaapi prepared?

The process is a traditional, artisanal, freshly blended hand-made method. The beans are roasted to perfection and then ground into a powder of a specific granularity. This powder is then mixed with Chicory powder that gives an enhanced colour to the Kaapi and boosts the taste.

The Kaapi powder mix is loosely packed in an apparatus called ‘Filter’ in which boiling hot water is poured in the top compartment. Slowly the water drains through the powder and extracts the coffee flavour in a liquid called ‘decoction’.

The decoction is blended with low fat milk, a little bit of sugar to balance the taste (basically removing the bitterness) and then vigorously agitated by pouring the Kaapi between two vessels. This is done from a height of about 3 feet. In many places in South of India this type of Kaapi is also known colloquially as Yard-Coffee. In other places, particularly Kumbakonum in Tamil Nadu it is called Degree Coffee.

As you can see IYENGAR’S Kaapi is very special, it is prepared in a time-honoured tradition…made slowly and lovingly to get the best flavor and strength, which is usually absent in powder mixes and other factory packed liquid decoctions.

What makes IYENGAR’S Kaapi unique?

We brew a fresh batch whenever you order coffee on our platform. The freshly brewed coffee is directly poured into a thermally insulated flask. The flask reduces the loss of the aromatics that constitute an essential part of the overall flavour and holds the coffee at high temperature. It is reached in a very hot condition, so, the Kaapi can be enjoyed at the desired temperature without re-heating. This is a true, freshly blended, ready to drink Kaapi.

Note: It is advisable while consuming, not to apply additional direct heat e..g. via a warming plate to the brewed coffee. However, if necessary you can heat for 10-20 secs in a microwave oven and air it before pouring and drinking.

How many variants is Iyengar’s Kaapi coffee available in ?

Iyengar’s Kaapi comes in two flask sizes. 350 ml which contains 3 serves and 500 ml which delivers 5 serves. The contents are fresh, ready to drink and mildly sweetened. You can add additional sugar as required.

What temperature is IYENGAR’S Kaapi being served at?

IYENGAR’S Kaapi is served at temperatures between 160 degrees F (71.1 degrees C) and 185 degrees F (85 degrees C). Brief exposures to liquids in this temperature range can cause significant scald burns.

What precaution should be taken while serving Iyengar’s Kaapi ?

Place the cup to be filled on a table or tray before pouring the beverage; never hold the cup in your hand and pour from flask. This will avoid accidental damage. The flask has an engineered twist cap. All you need to do is give a single twist to open, pour along the arrows marked on the twist cap and shut it tight to retain the heat for a longer period. Pouring along the arrows prevents spills.

Do always be careful as the Kaapi will be very hot out of the flask. Do not set filled cups on the edge of the table. Do not reach over people to pour. Ensure long loose sleeves are properly managed when pouring and serving.

Never place hot beverages within reach of children. Hot beverages are designed to be safe when handled properly by adults, but could be easily tipped or spilled by children. A large number of burns can be avoided by serving only to adults and ensuring that drinks are not served or set where small children can reach them, on purpose or accidentally.

While being served, it’s common for customers to be distracted by food or conversation. We have helpfully drawn customers attention by mentioning Contents Hot on the label. Having said that cautionary notes can save accidental injury only to an extent. We sincerely hope our customers are always able to enjoy IYENGAR’S Kaapi without any accidents!

How long does Iyengar’s Kaapi stay hot ?

Your order is usually reached to you within 90 mins of the order being placed on the website. The Kaapi if kept in an unopened condition, will remain hot for at least 2 to 3 hours more, so it can be enjoyed drinkable hot. Many customers have found the Kaapi to remain hot in the flask for much later. However, we advise it is for immediate consumption.

Can an order be cancelled after placing the order?

Yes, it is permitted to cancel an order once placed.Cancellation of orders are permitted upto 2 hours before the slot booked.( eg: If the order is for 4 pm -5 pm slot, then cancellation will be permitted before 2 pm and not later)