How is IYENGAR’S South Indian Filter Kaapi made?
It’s hand-blended by humans, not machines.

The whole process is very traditional and finds its roots decades ago. IYENGAR’s Filter Kaapi partners have been sourcing quality beans from Chikmagalur and Coorg regions for over 65 years. Thus, the quality of IYENGAR’S South Indian Filter Kaapi is unmatched. And the tantalizing taste of this master blend leaves the tongue wanting more!

IYENGAR’S filter kaapi is ready to drink, unlike packet decoction. No need to stock fresh milk. No effort needed to prepare. Just open the flask, pour and get treated!

Getting it right, every time!

Our blenders undergo rigorous training for 3 months each, so we make a consistent quality product day after day. The secret of course lies in several areas like, the handpicked Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, that are roasted to perfection (the roasting temperature is controlled at 250℉…not a degree more…not a degree less!)

The roasted beans are then carefully ground to a specific granularity. The special blend also has its share of Chicory powder, which adds a lot to the distinctive color and taste of South Indian Filter Kaapi. Now we come to the ‘percolation’ . The coffee powder is placed into a traditional Kaapi filter, boiling water is poured, and it then magically gets transformed into a dark coloured brew called the "decoction".

The final step is to blend the decoction with milk, add just a little sugar to blunt the bitterness and aerate it vigorously between two vessels. Before taking a deep and satisfying sip…that never fails to invigorate the senses.

Our Founder has witnessed these steps from his childhood whilst observing his Patti (GrandMa in Tamil), roast the beans in weekly batches, then take a handful of these roasted beans out from an airtight container, hand grind it in a contraption fixed on the shelf, where Kaapi items like the Filter, beans, tumbler & dabra, the unique pair of utensils used to drink Kaapi in had their pride of place in the kitchen.

Every connoisseur knows that Kaapi is had … only freshly percolated, piping hot, be it morning, afternoon or the evening. We at IYENGAR’S Filter Kaapi are proud to feature the very same involvement and care, in every cup that leaves our modern day FSSAi certified, International quality Cloud Kitchen.

How does it reach you?

All you need to do is order online (go on, do it now as you have reached the right place)

IYENGAR’S Filter Kaapi is packed piping hot at 200℉ in extremely thermally efficient stainless steel flasks. These flasks are known to keep the kaapi hot for as long as 6 hours. So the kaapi can be consumed piping hot , every cup, every sip. (When you order IYENGAR’S Filter Kaapi for events and celebrations, each guest can be served piping hot kaapi, no matter when they arrive!) A secret to this efficiency also lies in the special half-twist and pour cap. That need not be opened fully, so keeping the contents hot. And a special ingenious groove, which prevents any spills when poured along the arrow heads on the cap.

Hygiene, our priority

A lot of planning has gone into setting up an International level Cloud Kitchen, centrally located in Wadala, Mumbai. Key aspects include:

  • FSSAi certified international quality kitchen
  • Regular water testing by accredited labs
  • Cleanliness protocols - frequent hand washing,masking, hair nets, special kitchen footwear
  • Health certification of personnel by Registered Medical practitioners
  • Frequent floor cleaning and disinfection process
  • Comprehensive, regular pest control
Love at first sip...

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